Dinner at Fairmont The Norfolk

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I hadn’t really planned to have dinner at the Norfolk. Although I had a nice time, I didn’t really like their waitress so I wasn’t sure I’d get good service.

This particular Sunday I wanted to eat out so we picked a nice hotel in the town. Nairobi is really slow on Sundays but we weren’t half prepared for what we encountered.

Disappointed at Metro Hotel – No Fries

At the Metro hotel, the peeps were pleasant enough though I could smell smoke in the main dining area. We choose to sit at the balcony instead.

Can you imagine making over 5 orders and each time the waitress tells you they don’t have that? I wanted to have fish, or beef but there were no potatoes for my order. Anyway gotta thank my lucky stars because that’s how we decided to eat at The Norfolk.

Wow Dreams! The Tatu Restaurant

Someone had mentioned that the Tatu restaurant was a great place. It is right at the entrance to the main lobby. At the door, we found a waiter (too bad I forgot his name) but he absolutely delighted my son by helping him through the menu choices. We ordered a beef steak with french fries, vegetable salad, chicken with fries, chicken with mashed potatoes.

While we were waiting for our meal, the pleasant waiter brought some chef special -7 types of dough baked together to make one bread. All the pieces have different origins and menus and you may separate as you eat (sorry didn’t get a pic but will go back and request for one)

All the meals were tastefully done in just under half an hour. It’s too bad I forgot to take pictures of our meal but am planning to request for complimentary photos from the restaurant.

My First Dessert…

I don’t like dessert but this time I let the waiter choose something for me and guess what? Spoiler alert it was two scoops of ice cream –chocolate and vanilla. It’s long since I had so much to eat in one sitting.

… And Complimentary Breads!

And guess what! Because I commented on how good their bread was, I got two complimentary breads to take home. If you plan to visit the Nairobi, try Tatu restaurant at Fairmont the Norfolk. The waiter was more pleasant and helpful which is not at all what we had experienced earlier with the ladies (the outdoor coffee place)

At Fairmont The Norfolk Nairobi

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Last month, my friend and I had agreed to go swimming at Fairmont the Norfolk one Sunday afternoon after church. During my university days – I schooled right opposite the hotel, we simply called it the Norfolk. Either the name changed or I wasn’t too keen then. Since it was my first time at the hotel I was a little pensive. Would I feel out of place? Was it too expensive? These and other questions ran through my mind.

I decided to bring my son since we were in the neigbourhood anyway. We left church at around 2pm and walked there – about 5 minutes from where we were having lunch. My friend assured me he was on the way but we arrived faster than him. Since I didn’t know the layout of the place, I decided to wait for him.

The security guy showed me a bench close to the entrance where we could sit and wait. I was pleasantly surprised because I know many hotels think idlers are a security risk and would prefer you wait off their property.

When my friend arrived, we looked for a space outdoors where we could take in the breathtaking scenery. There are several artifacts and collections from the 1900’ which was exciting to my son. The grass seemed to call out to him by name. He decided to play on the grass, taking random photos. No one seemed to mind.


We had coffee and the little one chose ice cream. On this side, only ladies seemed to be serving. My coffee was served in a pot which I didn’t like as the coffee gets cold with time. I wish they can just give coffee a cup at a time so I don’t have to keep requesting them to heat. Heir cups are also small – not at all what I am used to. Two gulps and it’s gone!

I liked that I was given enough sugar – in fact I had a choice of brown sugar, white sugar and artificial sweetener. This was great since a few days before I’d been to a coffee place that insisted I could only have one teaspoon of sugar in my white coffee.

Overall, this place has great ambience, great sights and good food. We chatted away without anyone bothering us – we even forgot about the swim. Is it because the day was not so bright? Or the coffee was too good? Could be the charming gentleman my friend introduced me to – you never know! Try it and let me know if you have the same experience as me.

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